Welcome to Twiggy’s Day Nursery
Welcome to Twiggy’s Day Nursery

Twiggy's Day Nursery, The Acorns

Twiggy’s Day Nursery on The Hill

Twiggy's Day Nursery, Madeley

Now open, Twiggy's Day Nursery, on The Hill

From little acorns, mighty oak trees grow and at Twiggy's Day Nursery we provide the nurturing environment to help your child develop and flourish.

Twiggy's Day Nursery is located in the heart of the Donnington, Sutton Hill and Madeley communities and all offer a warm and welcoming setting for children aged from 3 months through to 11  years old. We understand fully that choosing the right nursery, After School or Holiday club for your child is a huge decision and if a home from home feeling is what you are looking for then Twiggy's is the ideal place for your child to shine.
We will tailor support to suit your child's developing needs whilst providing the care and attention that young children require within a safe and secure homely setting. Sutton Hill and Madeley also offer After School and Holiday clubs up to the age of 11.

Parents know their children best and Twiggy's also learn from parents experiences of their children, which in turn helps to develop the child's physical, learning and emotional support plan.

The Early Years Foundation Stage and the seven areas of learning are key to the child's journey at the nursery and parents are kept well informed of their child's progress, enabling positive two way communication.

Twiggy's also offers funded places for eligible two year olds and funded hours for three to four year olds on a flexible basis.
Please give us a call to arrange an appointment to visit the nurseries and reserve a place now for your child.